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Dr. med. Daniel Schiffmann

Über Dr. med. Daniel Schiffmann

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the German Revival Foundation;
Vice President I Corporate Health Management of BASF, the largest chemical company in the world, responsible for the clinical facilities in the factories; and Health Promotion.
Internist and emergency physician;
2018 initiator - under the direction of BASF - of a worldwide in-house campaign for layperson training in resuscitation
“Heroes save lives”, during which more than 40,000 BASF employees were trained accordingly.

Über Stefan Osche; Notfallsanitäter

since 2007 member of the board and treasurer of the GRC;
Mr. Osche is a founding member of the GRC. Paramedic;
For more than 30 years as a rescue service and first aid expert in a leading position at a large aid organization in Berlin.
Scientific training in the field of adult education.

Stefan Osche

Professor Dr. med. Karl-Heinrich Scholz

Über Professor Dr. med. Karl-Heinrich Scholz

Internist and Interventional Cardiologist at the University of Göttingen and now at the St.Bernward Hospital Hildesheim;
2012-2018 board member in the GRC; more than 70 scientific publications in the fields of acute myocardial infarction,
Cardiovascular arrest;
Cardiac Arrest Center, FITT-STEMI Heart Attack Register,
FITT OHCA Resuscitation Register.

Über Dr. med. Federico Semeraro

Anesthesiologist and emergency physician;
University Hospital in Bologna, Italy;
2016-2019 President of the Italian Resuscitation Council (IRC);
since 2017 board member in the ERC;
since 2020 Vice President of the ERC Co-initiator of the worldwide "KIDS SAVE LIVES" campaign; numerous publications in the areas of cardiovascular arrest,
Resuscitation Training, Using the Smart Phone for Resuscitation, Virtual Reality, Resuscitation Register

Dr. med. Federico Semeraro